Parking space

Parking places for tentants, employees and Techno-Z visitors.

Longterm Parking

  • In the Techno-Z underground car park
  • For Techno-Z-tenants and employees
  • Cost/month: €85.00 (net) 
  • Inquiries: Miriam Fürst,

PARKING SPACE for Techno-Z visitors

  • Parking lot P1 for Techno-Z visitors
  • Easy and convenient without a long search for a parking spot directly on location
  • Entrance P1 via Jakob-Haringer-Straße 
  • Parking fees (payment with cards only, no cash): €1.50/each started hour (no charge for the first half hour); Special tickets: Friday afternoon ticket (from 12:00): €5.00, Saturday day ticket: €5,00, Sunday day ticket: €5.00

PARKING SPACE for bfi TRAINING course participants

  • Parking lot P2 is for bfi course participants
  • Entrance via Austraße

NOTE: around Techno-Z: free short-term parking zone with a maximum length of 3 hours with parking meter. Map: short-term parking zone Salzburg

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